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Benefit of using Royal Titanium high-performance-oil

Did you know that researchers have established that a liquid titanium compound added to engine oils created a wear-resistant nanoscale layer bound to the surface of vulnerable engine parts. This anti-wear enhancement comes from titanium being chemically bound into the metal structure of the engine surface, forming a hard oxide, iron titanate protective layer. This to date has not been achieved with any other additive technology and the anti-wear characteristics of this technology is quite revolutionary.  BUY NOW

September Product Specials

All Blacks Steering Wheel Cover Set


Suede steering wheel and seat belt pad set. Support the AB's in comfort and style. 1 x steering wheel cover and 2 x seat belt pads. 

All Blacks Air Freshener Ocean Breeze

$12.95 +gst

Long lasting Ocean Breeze fragrance. Easy to install - just clip to air vent. For use in car, boat, office or home.

All Blacks Carpet Mat Set

$42.00 +GST

Hard wearing carpet mat set with All Blacks logo. Driver side heel pad. Non-slip backing. Universal fit. Front: 650mm x 445mm. Rear: 440mm x 330mm.

Drift Steering Wheel

$205.00 +GST

Red stripe shows the wheel's exact position. Designed for comfort and grip. Leather look with distinctive red stitching.